Welcome to The Sacred Seashore

On July 19, 2012, we lost our first born child, a baby boy named Gabriel. If you are here because you have also lost a child, we are so truly sorry. We know how heartbreaking and devastating it is to lose a part of yourself. 

In the days following Gabriel's death, we found comfort in writing his name in the sand and sitting on the shore watching as the waves peacefully took his name out to the sea. It reminded us of his brief life and that even though we can no longer see him, he will always be a part of this world as long as we continue to honor his memory.

We would feel truly blessed to be able to remember your child(ren) by writing his/her/their name(s) on the seashore. 


During the 2016 year, most of our photos will be unavailable to order. We will continue to offer Names in the Sand and personalized images from our $5.00 gallery. We will also post $1.00 photos whenever we can. 

Thank you for your love and support! 

Names in the Sand: $10.00
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Names written in Southern California
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