Where are your photos taken? 
Our photos are taken at one of the many beaches near our home in Southern California.

What is the current wait time?
Currently the wait time ranges from 2-14 days depending on what you are ordering. Maximum wait times for each item are specified in the descriptions on the home page.

Is there an age limit for names at The Sacred Seashore? 
Yes. Currently, we only write names of babies and children from conception to 21 years old.

Can I purchase a photo for a living or sick child at The Sacred Seashore? 
No, The Sacred Seashore is strictly a memorial site. Please only make requests for babies and children who have passed away.

Can I purchase a photo for someone else's baby or child?
Yes. You can definitely buy a photo for a friend or family member who has suffered the loss a child. We prefer to email you the photo and ask that you forward it to your friend or loved one, however if you would like us to email them directly, please make a note in the Special Comments section at checkout.

I never named my baby. Do you have a way to honor them at The Sacred Seashore?
Yes, of course. We'd be happy to write "Baby Last Name" or "Angel Baby" or your baby's nickname if he/she had one.

How can I make a purchase?
Please use the corresponding Paypal links on the right sidebar for the item(s) you want to order.

How are the photos sent to me?
All photos are emailed to your Paypal email account or to the email included in the "Special Instructions" section at payment checkout. We do not offer physical print-outs.

What format are the photos? 
All photos are high-resolution JPEGs.

Can I purchase a photo without a name? 
All photos MUST include at least 1 name or nickname.

Do you write names in the sand at sunset?
We do NOT write names in the sand at sunset. If you're interested in having your child's name written at sunset, we highly recommend ordering from Carly Marie in Australia as she does very beautiful work. Also, Lisa can you write your child's name in the sand at sunset during her trips to Hawaii.

Do you ever offer photos for free?
We would love to be able to give away photos to everyone who has endured the loss of a child. We have lost a baby too and in no way, want to "profit" off of other parents' losses. Unfortunately though, if we were to offer these photos for free, we would receive an overwhelming amount of requests that would be impossible to fill. Occasionally we will have special deals and fan giveaways offered through our Facebook Page.

Do you photoshop your pictures?
Generally, yes. We remove any flaws in the sand, such as tiny rocks or smudges. We also re-balance the colors to bring them back to their true colors. For certain items, like our birthday starfish, we apply a photo filter (the same one you see in the sample photo) and will also send you a couple additional options. Lastly, we adjust the brightness, and white balance to once again, make the colors more true to life.

What do you do with the money earned here?
We donate a portion of all proceeds to a different charity every month. The balance of the money goes toward my college tuition and other school fees, as I work on earning a Diagnostic Sonography degree in order to fulfill my goal of becoming an ultrasound technician.

What can I do with my photo?
There are many things you can do once you receive your photo. Print them out, develop them, frame or hang them in your home, turn them into cards, posters or canvases, use them to make photo keepsakes such as jewelry, calendars, journals or memory boxes. You can also share them on your facebook page, blog or website.

How much do you donate to charity?
We donate 25% of all proceeds to charity.

I would like to nominate a charity to be added to your list. How can I do so?
If you have a charity or know of a charity that could use financial support, please email us with the link to the organization's website. All organizations will be considered, however we prefer to donate to newly established or small organizations. At this time we are only choosing organizations that support the babyloss community.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at SacredSeashore@gmail.com

Thank You!